Kaitlin: oh i found an ad for bulk honey
and sent it to B. and predictably, B pounced on it.
i fear i’m going to go home to 33 gallons of honey
which would cost thousands and thousands of dollars

Erin: hahahah
but then youcan make everything honey
honey cake, honey soap, honey shampoo, honey contact solution

Kaitlin: “it just sticks right on the lid”
“I mean surface of the eye?”

Erin: “it’s local so it helps infections”

Kaitlin: that would be awesome
actually i mean technically honey is naturally antiseptic



Then the conversation was just coming up with things we thought for you: 

honey wart solution
honey ice
honey bath
—that’s just a bath where you fill the tub with honey
honey carpet cleaner
honey cat bed
—that’s just when you fill a cat bed with honey
——that’s when the cat is so covered in honey everything it touches becomes honey cat bed
honey oven cleaner
honey deck sealant
honey slug traps
honey solar array
honey insulation
honey homeschooling books