Husband: um so there have been no new posts on The Most Smartest blog. I’m pretty disappointed

 I am too. Get ready.


The only thing the vampire trend was missing was a 1970s setting and Johnny Depp. So, thanks, Dark Shadows.

Then make sure not to buy this and instead buy this.

Other things that rich people buy:

$170.00 Natural Cork Umbrella Stand

$34.00 Steel Waste Basket
We’ve decided that we love this anyway.

$249.00 Vipp Waste Bin
Unless this converts my trash to more food or baby kittens, I don’t understand why someone would buy a $249 trashcan.

This is something I will most likely reference for general dance moves.

credit: this is the verge

“Erin Presbyterian Hospital has doctors specializing in fantastic fields such as: Medical.”

 “What happens depends on how severe the problem is…” 

“Medical problems are sure a pain, especially when they are actual pain. If you are not in pain, medical problems are less bad.”


 Give our hospital your grants. 

Kaitlin, you’re the one who wanted wordpress so it’s up to you to make the blog pretty. And to buy me a new keyboard because I had to re-write that six times. Also, no pink.

Brainstormed in about 5 minutes:


Kaitlin and Erin Have A Blog

The Smartest Things We Thought For You

Most Smartest Things

We Probably Thought of That First

If Fleetwood Mac Had Kittens… [editor’s note: this one, i tell ya….just gold]

WHEN Fleetwood Mac Gets Kittens

No Need To Thank Us


Yeah. This is a good idea. This is gonna be some HUMBLE shit. [Also note that is probably the first time I’ve said “shit” publicly on the internet. Sorry mom and dad.]